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Hi, im sarcrack :b
(08-09-2020, 01:53 AM)xRENDEx Wrote: I agree, small bots were better than big ones.
I mean you can start super small and since the bots are already fast because they are 'small' you almost instantly die because 1. you are going in an insane speed already and 2. the bots chase you and eat you. I really think bots should be small since this was already something happening quite often already when we had small bots and big bots just made it even worse imo
and small bots were ways easier to control and big bots make mass irrelevant since if you have 40+ big bots you can gain abck the lost 40k mass in just few seconds

Exactly, i miss the small bots Cry
I love games, be responsible and be helpful.
Also i love pizza ✨

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