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need your help ...
(01-25-2019, 01:22 PM)samira Wrote:
Quote:I was mostly teasing you there...
Oh... you did great. Dodgy


Quote:Pfffffffffffffffff ExclamationExclamationExclamation

Hehehe! I'll take it! I have a raspberry bush in front of my house... I think you just gave me more than all the fruit I managed to get to before the ants did, last year!

(01-25-2019, 01:22 PM)samira Wrote:
Quote:And one possible problem -- I've never played with someone in Teams mode before (on purpose, pre-planned)... so I'm not sure how we could have a better chance of being placed on the same team together. (And I haven't been there in almost 2 years now. If you can "invite" someone with a personal link... that might work.)
Same here plus the same questions... Confused We have to figure something out. Maybe decide which color we wan to support and then re-join until we get it?

I don't know either... My brain is telling me that 'Teams' mode tries to make sure that, once you start, you're almost definitely going to rejoin the same colour as before you died... but it's been so long, I could be wrong. If true though, that would make the task of getting onto the same team a lot more difficult!

Quote:"You just fly around! You hardly ever even split!"
Oh yeah that was what I did in 2015 as well. Tongue

(01-25-2019, 01:22 PM)samira Wrote:
Quote:The greatest female player of all time, Karla

Hm... don't know her. Why do you think she is the greatest female player of all time? You do not play FFA so how do you want to know? Maybe some other girl is better - maybe not back then, but nowadays, after this Karla stopped playing  & learning while others continued? 

Just to clarify, I am for sure not the best female player.   Big Grin  But I know some really good  (apparently) female players from FFA . @Supergirl for sure is an excellent player  Heart ! And there are others but well it's hard to tell if they really are girls.

PS: Did some research. So she played AGF. Okay, I never did.

Yes, there are many great players, I'm sure... But Karla was my fave. I knew she was great, because every time she was in the game, (and for some time after she stopped playing), noys would call themselves Karla, trying to get people to run away from them...

One day, she had dragged me into the game (AGF; at that point I was strictly an 'agar' player....) and in no time flat, not only were there fake-Karla's, but also fake-Squirrels, trying to get Karla to give the wrong person a hand.

It was so comical, I basically howled the whole time!
Fight the Good Fight
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Make it worth the price we pay!
All your life you've been waiting for your chance,
Pray you'll fit into the Plan.
But you're the master of your own destiny,
So give and take the best that you can!
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