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Frequent freezing fix?
Can there please come a fix for the frequent freezing that occurs when playing on the FFA AGF server? It's annoying as hell, and doesn't have any real purpose anyway, other than that other players get to feed of your mass, regardless of how big you are.

~Yours truly
The only fix for this is bigger better servers, which means more money, money we don't have.
Never had this problem on the Experimental server. What's different there?
less players and you don't notice it because it's ALWAYS lagging.
I have a theory the problem occurs due to packet loss. If you have a slow connection, or simply not located in the USA, or the server is lagging, then there might occur a packet loss (which should not usually happen) which the server can't pick up and doesn't know how to respond to -> So it disconnects you. It should be fixed asap.

Worry not, Gandalf's magic wand will take care of everything.
-Saruman," I said, standing away from him, "You shall not pass". Saruman said, "I've got powerups". That's the day I learnt, it was best to play on another server. Much rather guard the secret room. It's very nice, grows the old toby. I like the old toby. Sometimes it even unleashes some magical mushrooms that make my world twice as fast. They call it the 2x speed shroom.

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