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MMOexp WoW Classic SoD Gold:This could be a long night
Now we wait. Please inform me. For whatever reason I'm not even concerned. Just perfectly fine. For whatever reason, I'm just fine. Tell him to report me. Yes. Do I get shut down for 24hrs? Am I going to get banned? Do I have to be banned? I'm not sure what's going to happen? What's the next step? So I've been removed from World of Warcraft.

Then it appears to have worked, which suggests to be an automation ban function, or at the very least an automated disconnect functionality. I'll try to login again. I'll attempt to log in when we type in my password.

Hello, everyone. I'm back in. I'm back. I'm back in then what? A character with that name already exists. Maybe I'm what I'm doing. I'm just not that good. I'm in Purgatory. It states that I'm offline. It says I'm on I'm offline. Okay, yeah. Um, let me try to login to another account.

In the next step, I'm going to log into box commander . Perhaps it'll reset. Let me log into a pork daddy. Okay, I've signed in to pork daddy. I'm logging back to the main page and then I'm gonna attempt to log into box commander. I'm not even sure how I created this character. Sometimes I get drunk if I'm drinking. I just make random level ones , and then I log on and I play. And I can't recall making this character.

This could be a long night. I think I was 3 Stella's into. I was drinking Stella Artois. That's probably the reason why this happened. Anyway, goodbye pork daddy. Box commander. Can we log in now? I'll log in. Oh, I'm in so it's not my fault that I'm banned. What you will get is a mass report automated like disconnect if you get mass reported you're disconnected out of the game. Then you must sign back in.

Interesting. You should try it again. I'm not sure. Guys, listen, let's let's try the song a second time. Hold up. I'm gonna shout"this, let's do it another time. Everyone Oh, I can't type I can't talk. We've temporarily shut down the chat and mail features. Check your email for more details. There's no way that I've been silenced.

Okay, I'm stuck. I'm unable to talk , so please and let me get my phone now. The only thing I received was an email from Blizzard Game Account Action Notification actions made account silent. Violation abusive chat your fellow players reported you for abusive language multiple times. In light of these reports from players, we have shut down your account until the 13th of September. This is one week away.

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