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EA called upon the thousands of players
Well, there always the Nakata hero card (although these two players play in the same position) for Japan, but there is absolutely nothing from the Belgium league of any note. At least, not yet. In the future there might be more special cards added for this league. That is something EA does do when TOTS and such rolls around.

For now, Kagawa might be a decent-looking, fun card, but it very hard to justify completing this SBC when it has so few links. That 30k could be better spent elsewhere.

Player Review
We completed Kagawa and took him for a spin - it really is very cheap, and this is our job. The card feels great as you might expect with those well-rounded stats. Decent height at 59 and plenty of control on the ball. Would we use him over someone like Fekir? Probably not. Overall, the card is just fine but also behind the power curve already.

FC 24's World Cup Mode Brings Back The Series' 40 Greatest Songs


If you have been playing FIFA for any period of time, then there a strong chance at least part of your taste in music has been shaped by it. Whether you have to stop your team selection to dance along to Bloc Party Helicopter, or a track youve wound up hearing 500 times between matches inadvertently becomes your new favorite song, FIFA soundtracks have shaped the music a lot of its players listen to.

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EA called upon the thousands of players who have been influenced by the songs included in FIFA games to nominate which tracks were their favorites and revealed the results via its website. A playlist featuring the 100 songs that received the most nominations is available to listen to on Spotify right now, and the top 40 will be added to FC 24 World Cup mode when the update is rolled out later this week on November 9.

via EA 
ldquo;Every fan has their favorite FIFA tracks, and this playlist is the ultimate celebration of the music that has defined discovery, diversity, and excellence for generations of gamers, EA president of music Steve Schur explained. As for the songs you can expect to hear when playing the new mode later this week, Song 2 by Blur, Jerk It Out by The Caesars, and MGMT Kids all made the cut.
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