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Gold member advertisement by Norbi
I guess this will not be used (would be awesome if it was though) so I decided to post it here on forums to credit Norbi and thank him for the crazy amount of work he has done when it comes to Agma skins and for all of you too see it.

This was something Norbi made when he had finished all of the skins (that now are finally public!) and was supposed to be something similar like Black Friday Sales etc.
[Image: Preview_-_Open_in_Chrome.png?width=960&height=594]
@Sora if you want to add it I can send you it
My discord is alexx#4007
[Image: unknown.png]

Rest in piece Fidget Spinner skin
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Oh!  Norbi, if you made this, I just want to say that you are a great artist.

@Sora Look at this

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