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Bosses and their Crazy Philosophies
So who here has worked for a crazy person??!

I have had PLENTY such opportunities, and thought I'd share some. (lol)

I once worked for a guy whose favourite rule was, "Take first, apologize later". He was a Department Head at the highschool I went to, and at the end of the school year, knowing that everything would soon be in chaos anyways, he would look for rooms that were unlocked, and go through it looking for things he could abscond with. Filing cabinets, teacher's desks, things like that.

The same crazy foo', after being promoted to Co-Ordinator of Math would use Board money to buy his friends Christmas presents, and tried to bull his way to a Phd on a completely baseless premise that math was more difficult for girls than it was for boys.

I also worked for a screamer whose favourite line was, 'Work smart, not hard'. That same guy, at his wedding reception, greeted each person at the door with what appeared to be a fully stocked bar, and asked them what they were having. Whatever you asked for, he took two shot glasses, filled each with a generous volume shot, said 'Cheers', and you and he would both down the shot. How that man was NOT at a hospital having his stomach pumped two hours later, I'll never know!

And one more -- I worked for a guy who owned his own business (selling computers and it's parts), who would preface almost every last thing he said with, "My guy". If he spoke in sentences, more than half started with those two words, lol. He was a crazy haggler. He would gladly argue back and forth with someone for an hour over a nickel. But then on the other hand, he had 4 phone lines for his store, one of which doubled as his personal phone number, since he lived on the 3rd floor (Above the store, and above the 'repairs' department that also put together computers to sell on the 2nd floor.) Many nights I stayed there overnight doing things, and he would come by at 6am in the morning, and we'd go for coffee and a donut, his treat.

Most of you are young! I hope you will give some thought today, into discovering the kind of work you would like to do that will make you happy to go to, every day! Once you discover what you love to do, you can go about plotting how to get to that job you'd almost gladly do for free, but get paid well enough to make a living out of it. Smile
Fight the Good Fight
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