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Daily Hiscores [January] Top Players
Top players of 02 January 2016
[Image: 29pclkm.jpg]

Top players of 06 january 2016:

[Image: 29lejio.jpg]
-Saruman," I said, standing away from him, "You shall not pass". Saruman said, "I've got powerups". That's the day I learnt, it was best to play on another server. Much rather guard the secret room. It's very nice, grows the old toby. I like the old toby. Sometimes it even unleashes some magical mushrooms that make my world twice as fast. They call it the 2x speed shroom.
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  • LKD70 , SomeFella
I don't get the system. I get 30K, it doesn't list me there. Buggy system tbh.
you need to maintain it for a little bit.
how do i join
to "join" just go play
Some of my Clan mates are up on the new updated ones, not this picture^, as of the date im posting this tho. Go HiVe! Big Grin
HiVe Gaming Clan! (Blackbee)Founder)
Ig: @HiVeGamingClan & HiVe_Blackbee
Youtube HiVe Blackbee 
Ig: @HiVe_Blackbee @HiVeGamingClan
#HiVeUp! Solo/Teaming/Splitrunning/Tricksplitting/HELLSPLITS
It's not hard to do when teaming...

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