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State of the Server
Playing agf with the intent to battle is depressing.

There is often no moderator around and less than ten players in the server.  Many times now less than 5 players in the server, most of them either being power or coin farmers.

During these times there is literally no one playing or trying to battle for mass.  And the few players who are, are only interested in teaming and split running.

I wish I could just split run with them.  It's only a few of us, and it would be most fun just to split run with them.  They are not interested in battling.  It would be boring to savage them over and over again solo, they may just leave and it would be boring for both parties.  Savaging players who are uninterested in battling at all.  These players however seem to be interested in split running and I would be happy to split run with them.

It's really not fair to me that I have been insta banned without warning.  Everyone else gets warnings and if there is no mod around, I am suppose to deal with it for hours and get teamed on until one comes around?

Two servers may really be the answer.

When there is no battling going on, I'd love to play the teaming allowed server and split run with players.

Some Positive things to say about AGF SOLO.

When I come with no intent to play battles, I have a lot of fun just splitting in one spot and watching the cells pass each other.  Playing with no intent except to just be is a lot of fun.  The mechanics, flow, and visuals are entertaining and awesome.

Doing that is truly one of my favorite pass times.

Coin farming is great in agf solo as well.  If you go with just the intent to farm coins..  Maybe put on some tunes and just vibe out while collecting.. or play in silence and just unwind.  I found a lot of tranquility in simply coin farming.  It's relaxing and gives a feeling of accomplishment after a successful coin farm session.

the aid of moderators is nice for lazy players.  If one accepts it as a service to reduce the hassle of battling teamers split running.  I will admit that when I am feeling lazy and don't want to put in the effort to take down split runners.. moderation is then very convenient.


I think I can appreciate moderators and AGF SOLO a lot more if I am not forcefully subjected to play by the rules of solo play if I wish to play within AGF's mechanics.

players who are only interested in split running should have a place to do so..  I think it will over all grow the AGF community a whole lot!  Having a teaming allowed server I think would lure in lots of players toward playing AGF mechanics.  Many players would stay in the teaming allowed server and I think a whole new community would begin to form there.  I also suspect players who were initially drawn to being able to split run there may get fed up with teamers and will convert more players to play AGF SOLO.  Over all growing AGF mechanics community.

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