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My YouTube Channel
Here is a link to my YouTube Channel

at the moment, I am currently running a campaign the shows evidence of moderators treating players unfairly and abusively.

It's something I really did not want to start my channel with, but it is something that I find important for it to be resolved.

If we make it past these times of being treated this way and it being seen as acceptable by the community, I'd be happy to continue my channel with videos revolving around the latest and greatest EDM music.  As well as videos featuring other genres like trap, pop, and other fun mix ups.

So check out my channel!!

All my posts either bring awareness to touchy subjects or are videos of awesome gameplay.  At least so far!!
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Things were getting wild in the Agma Jungle 

New post up!
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Good video!!
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(06-11-2021, 02:37 AM)Redfox Wrote: Good video!!


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