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what do I do in solo agf (
when ever I get into a virus fight in solo agf I get destroyed, any tips for virus fights in solo agf mode?

mode: solo agf
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Tbh the best thing would be to spectate for a while when you are playing, to see what your strengths and weaknesses are Idea

In general: viruses are extremely powerful weapons in Solo Agf.
Try to shoot them against your opponents often.
In Agf being offensive is more powerful than being defensive, at least when both players have a similar size.
Don’t only react, try to be aggressive.

There are a lot of tricks and trips but without knowing how you play it’s a guessing game.
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I'm not the most skilled player... but perhaps I can share a few tips with you.

This is how I play. Everyone does it differently. So try new styles.

#1 Don't spam virus' the result is that you'll be giving them more mass.
#2 Virus the bigger cells to break them down. Try to virus where the cells will reform before splitting. (I can thank another player for this tip.) However, this takes time to learn. I'm still currently working on it.
#3 Don't be afraid to retreat. Since you're smaller and faster, you'll be able to come right back into the battle while they're still recovering.
#4 We've all heard it... but it is PRACTICE. You have to grind hard on the game. Don't let losing streaks put you down. It happens to every single one of us.
#5 Spectate the better players. You can learn a lot from watching. I've personally done this and have learned a few tricks. Remember, you don't have to copy exactly. Blend it to your style of play.
#6 Try to think ahead of time how the virus is going to pop the user you're attacking. Don't just blindly split and virus. This in turn will give you the upper hand. (I can thank a player for telling me this.)

Good luck! Maybe we'll battle one day.
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There are many more tips I could probably add to this list, but these are some of the most important ones:

  • Never attack in one piece. Stay in multiple pieces and keep your tiny pieces in front to shoot viruses and your larger ones on the sides to split.
  • Don't always aim for the your opponents' largest piece. It is usually best to aim for a medium sized piece to evenly break it into bite-sized pieces to create a nice opening to split and eat their mass. Also, keep in mind the number of pieces your opponents are in. 64 pieces is the maximum, so the more pieces they are in, the fewer pieces viruses break them into. If they are in a few pieces, aim for larger ones. If they are in many pieces, aim for the smaller ones.
  • When you are inside of your opponents' pieces, never stay in one piece. All it takes is a single virus to kill you. Try to stay in about two pieces so that if one of them gets hit by a virus, you still have another piece that survives.
  • Keep large piles of viruses scattered in front of you. This makes it harder for your opponents to split on you without hitting a virus. Also, if you are small enough, you can quickly split through the viruses and attack your opponents from the other side.
  • When retreating from your opponents, find a virus to shoot them from behind you. Usually, your opponents will get overly excited and eagerly split to try to finish you off and will not be expecting the virus.
  • Never become too focused on one piece. All of your pieces play an important role. Your tiny pieces are important for shooting viruses and your large pieces are important for eating. If you focus on a specific piece for too long, your other pieces may get eaten.
  • Never let the viruses die out. Before using a virus, make about 5 more so that you have some backup viruses in case the other one breaks. Also, try to avoid breaking the last virus, even in desperation. You can almost always find a way to use it to your advantage.

Of course, this is all theoretical. It will take time of playing the game before you get it all down mechanically. Most of the strategy comes from playing the game, so once you get a good feel for it, you do not even need to think about it anymore and it just becomes instinctive. Maybe then, you can even discover your own techniques.

Hope this helps Wink
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thank you all for your tips, I will try them, practice, and spectate, have a good day!
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