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About me.
Hello everybody, i'm Snic. I am 16 years old and I would like to tell a little about myself.
First of all, I want to write about my knowledge:

-I know three languages (Russian, Ukrainian, English). And I plan to learn Polish in the future.

-I know how to deal with Internet browsers and different text (and code) editors and so on.If you want to find out more specifically, write to the mail.(At the bottom of this text)

-I want to be a web programmer and study languages: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, javascript, etc.

That is all. I think this's the most important.

I study in a distance school and therefore have a lot of time for different things. I have positive qualities: purposeful, honest, stress-resistant, punctual, quite adequate and kind person. Started playing agma about two months ago and liked this game very much. Because there are a lot of sympathetic and kind people who feed you in the most difficult moment of the journey of your bacteria  Big Grin .
I play very often, so I want to become a agma-moderator in order to help and keep order. And quite often I see people who break the rules, insult and humiliate other people, use scripts, illegal bots, etc. I see that they cannot or do not have time to cope with everything. I am willing to work for free for a trial period because I like this game and community in it.

I look forward to your consideration of my case. 
Thank you for your attention goodbye)  Tongue

My contacts:

Email: [email protected] (my oldest email)
Telegram: @bacardi_love1
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