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About Me...
Hi guys, hope you're having a great day. I'm new here to forums, I heard about after I quit after 4 years of playing got boring and I wanted more amusing game modes so I moved to I first found this game up on Youtube  and came across an video, I liked it and soon started to play I have been playing the game for at least a year and a half. What I learned about agma is bots aren't cheating, power ups are awesome and the game has a great community especially because of the chat and other features. I really look forward to becoming a moderator and making a better community.

Anyways, stuff you should know about me is that I play other io games and dank memer. I am always on agma, I am very good at shooter games. I play all game modes in and very good at infection Battle Royale, Solo game modes, at selffeed  modes . I am very good at math and computers. I love computer programming and know many languages such as HTML, some Python and JavaScript. I watch english gaming Youtubers. I hope to make videos. 
Here is my Youtuber Channel, I didn't post anything yet, I'm going to post something soon, can we get to 10 subscribers I would appreciate it! Also go subscrible to Youtube channel! My discord and agma servers is below, please subcribe to my channel and that would make my day, thanks Big Grin .

Best of ree.

P.S: I didn't tell the Youtubers I watch bc there might be some haters and they also aren't family friendly. They are very funny to me and popular!

My Youtube Channel: Youtube Channel:
My Discord: Discord:
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Hey there, nice to meet you! Big Grin

I hope you will enjoy your stay, and maybe some day, we have a new staff member... Wink
            "Experience has taught me that wishful thinking 
                                 only leads to disappointment."
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Tysm! Nice to meet you too, I hope I will become a mod/staff someday!
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