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Tips and tricks to play like a pro part 2
I already did one of these but I didn't really explain everything, so here ill be digging deeper into some lesser known strategies and tricks to dominate and fight better 
So number 1. how to tricksplit, this will be pretty hard to explain but ill try my best
to even try to tricksplit you need a teammate who is not a nub at the game and you only want to do it if the guy is too big to onesplit but is smaller than your team's total of mass. first you get near the enemy and have 1 person having about 9/10 of the mass and the other teammate having just a little bit (at least 800) and for example if the enemy is above you want the big teammate to be to the bottom left and the small teammate to the bottom middle, and the big guy needs press z to split into the max amount of pieces in between the big enemy and the small teammate, the small teammate splits into the mass and eats all of it and if you are close enough he should have enough energy from the split to eat the enemy. lots of things are easier said than done but this is certainly the opposite because it is so simple but hard to put into context
2. Just skip over this if you know the feeding an enemy into autosplitting dynamic.(may be confusing to some)
in a server with auto splits like splitrun paradise if you are fighting a team you need to have as many tricks up your sleeve, as many cards to play and as many plan b's as possible. 1 strategy is if you are around 18-19k and the guy you are fighting is around there too, then you want to feed him to make him auto and make sure you are under him so the autosplitting piece splits downward into two 10k pieces and goes right into you, But doing this requires precautions.. If the enemy is 18k and you are around that size then feed him and be very close (and under him) but not close enough so he could eat you, if he is 18k and you are under 17k do not try to feed him to make him autosplit or you will be smaller and might be unable to eat the piece. if he is 19k and you are 18k then do the same thing and feed and be close and right under him but not close enough for him to eat you, if you are 19k and he is 19k also, then you can go on top of his cell as you feed him because he cannot eat you and if you do it right you would go over him, feed him, he will auto and you will explode with mass which I find funny when I do it

3. the presplit/doublesplit 
If there is a team and there is one big guy in 2 big pieces with one above the other and he is feeding a teammate who is between these pieces and you are big enough to 1 split him then you just have to wait a few seconds and maybe you will time it perfectly, if you do not time it right then you can still walk away with the guy you split on's mass. this is extremely hard to do, it is like 60% luck so don't be discouraged if you don't get it the first time, and unless you are a daring player who likes to do risky and stupid moves as i do then I wouldn't recommend this. However you actually have a better chance of success with the doublesplit, if there is a team and there is a big guy feeding a smaller guy and if you are big enough to double the small guy, and you have a higher chance of success because when you go to double the big guy sees this, and it puts stress on him making him think "what should i do should i let him eat my team or should i give the mass to my teammate" and he sometimes chooses to give the mass to the teammate as you double, but if he chooses to do this then he is usually too late to get the mass to his teammate and as a result you eat the teammate and eat all the big guys small pieces, and remember to only do this trick if you are big enough to actually eat the small guy and he is being fed.

4. The bait
To do a bait you need a teammate that is 1/4 your size and a big enemy near you. you doublesplit over your teammate and your pieces are the same size as your teammate so you do not eat him and he does not eat you. And what you are trying to do it to "bait" the big enemy into splitting into you thinking he can just eat some easy mass but if you react quick enough then you split into the teammate and he ends up eating the enemy that tried to split for the mass. To do this trick you need to have fast reflexes and do not fail it because its embarrassing to lose all the mass like that so only do it if you know you can.

And those are all the lesser known by the community tricks that are quite simple to do. I hope to see more people using these old tricks and not using the cheap normal teaming tactic of just chasing you until he eats you. It is much more fun to be creative with your playing style and take some risky moves like the tricksplit or bait and playing less like a dope, and I hope this helps some people improve their skills and makes them a better player  ◔◡◔
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  • fisa
I dont get why we need a pro team mate, isnt this tread to explain the noobies some tips and tricks to become a pro
otherwise a good thread Tongue
(03-21-2021, 07:46 AM)fisa Wrote: I dont get why we need a pro team mate, isnt this tread to explain the noobies some tips and tricks to become a pro
otherwise a good thread Tongue

you need to have a good teammate because you cant do these tricks with a noob teammate.. he wouldn't know how to do them and it would make you lose the mass

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