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Hello, call me Vergs. I'm new to forums, but not new to the game. I'm hoping to be a valuable and active member of the community and make a contribution to the game. My main interest is gfx.
-veni vidi vici-
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Welcome to the forums! Big Grin What made you decide to join now, and create an account?
Have any questions? Send me a message here:
I think i got enough experience to have something to say and share with others, and add something meaningful to discussions here. Better late than never Big Grin
-veni vidi vici-
Welcome to the forums, an amazing place to talk and chat about agar/agma, related videos, different stories, and more!
If you have any problems,or something bothers you,make sure to contact the mods, they know how to do a lot of stuff based on the game/the forums(from what i know).
If a staff member doesnt respond to your message, or doesnt even see it, you can ask help from popular/good members(like me or @nachocheese or @fisa, etc.)
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