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Agario Mobile Clan RECRUITMENT
ᯓ???? CLAN
1000+ MEMBERS!

>Join us on discord<
-Daily takeovers
-Friendly community
-Always active
-We have a war log of 18-1

And much more!

> __Requirements:__
• *Have a level of 50 or higher.*
• *Have an average score of 1000 or higher.*
• *Have a highest survival time of __atleast__* **1 hour.**
• **__MUST__** *be able to join calls when we takeover to avoid annoyances.*
• *Don’t savage all the time. Balance it with some tricks and baits, it doesn’t matter if you’re not the best at them - atleast you’re trying!* *:*)

__Other Info__

•If you **DO NOT** have the stats listed above you won’t be able to join.

•We do not condone/allow the use of and macro or zoom and is strictly prohibited. If you are caught with macro or zoom you will be banned/kicked.
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