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Please Fix Respawning
There was an update a few months back that made it so that when a player respawns, their mass does not delete, or at least not right away. It stays for only a few more seconds before going away completely. This is very rarely enough time for it to get eaten. Respawning is a great feature, but it can be easily abused, and it seems to be more and more every day. Here are some ways this can be fixed:

1. There could be a maximum mass at which a player can respawn (e.g. 120% spawn size).
2. The mass could always be left behind, even if a player respawns just a few seconds after spawning, as long as it is in a certain radius of other players.
3. The mass could stay for about 20 seconds and be able to be popped by viruses, just in case it is too big to be eaten right away.

(I understand that 2 & 3 may cause issues with the servers processing more objects than normal, but I hope this can be balanced out in some way.)
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