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Create new skin bug?
(06-26-2020, 10:55 PM)solidwing88 Wrote: Hum.... i found out what the problem was , for some odd reason it refused to take the spesific picture i was uploading , even tho it was same size etc as the other pics i been using , just this one it refused to use , so it just added a new free skin every time i tried to save it , when i tested with another picture it worked again , so i dunno why its rejecting the picture i wanted to use , very strange indeed , could be cus i was out of DNA , i did a quest and won 1 DNA and after that was when i tested to use another pic and it worked , so i dunnno if the dna had anything to do wiht it , but i just think it refused to use the picture it self , which i dont know the reason for , it has same 512 resolution and very low size , and it was my fav skin i was going to use with my name on it and everything , but it refuses to take it : ( 

i deleted all my 90 dna pre made skins in case there was a bug with them , found it it was not , so i lost all of them just trying to work this out , really sad Sad

anyone ever experinced that the game wont take sertain pictures ?

It sounds like you gave up a lot in order to figure it out, but I'm glad you ended up being able to use the skin that you wanted to!
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