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Came back with new idea '' 

Two servers CRAZY EU + Na they still not have enough players Since owner @Sora Did last two update's But it's might They left from two server maybe because they loved more than others server wich agma has so many server but Youtubers Like me or anyone else They need some more players in server to make skills But players they not came back if sora not remove crazy na server because it's to much if are two same server with a little different things But not matter how much are but focus is to back players So i hope sora or retslac will take this message important for us and they will do as they know more better  Rolleyes [Image: BeFunky-collage_1.jpg?width=550&height=413]

sorry for bad english i hope you will understand guys ,
when you don't like it you can't find a time for it which you will say - sorry to busy 
When you love it  you  will say - sorry if im waste your time . 
dear peopels don't let peopels go so far away from you  . 

in darknight's your real friends shine like a star for you .
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