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Story:Pink corruption
Pink Corruption

One day,me and Cyan(my friend)were walking to a pink mountain .We found there was a monster in there.I helped Cyan fight the monster,but the monster hit us once and we got knocked off the mountain.
    We saw the monster again at the Tree Of Life,and we saw him get the 3 parts of the tree and corrupt them.We ran over there to stop it,but it was too late.The monster spread a corruption all over Paradise,then,my other friends: Pentellow , Iris , Tsavorite , Pyrare and Gold,came with me,and we tried to stop the corruption.
    We found out from Pyrare that the monster was his son's friend , and he told us his name(the monster) is Blixer/Dub.We said that its impossible because Dub got sold away from Paradise some years ago,but we found out its true.
    But it was too late,the monster already tried to attack us.Good that i blocked it with my shield power and it got hit.I grabbed the monster in a claw and i told my friends to go stop the corruption while i fight Dub.
    Cyan stayed with me and he helped me beat Dub,while my friends ended the corruption.Finally we sold him away and the corruption got stopped.We lived happily after(maybe only some years until Dub comes again).
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Ill do a part 2 some days later
Cool story,i felt like i was living it(good that i wasn't)
<3 you all ^-^
Interesting story, almost found myself lost at the pink mountain and tree of lifeWink keep up the great work
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