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Zoom Settings
As someone who plays on a trackpad, it is very common for me to accidentally zoom in and out by accident while playing. It is usually very difficult to adjust the zoom to how I liked it before. I would like for there to be a button that when pressed, resets the zoom. I personally like the default zoom because if I am zoomed out even slightly, other players do not render near the edge of the screen until it is too late! Confused

I know that there are some players who do not prefer the default zoom, so it would be nice if players could make a custom preset zoom in the settings, so that whenever they open the game, the zoom would automatically be adjusted to their liking. The button used to reset the zoom would reset it to the custom zoom.

There should also be a button to lock the zoom, because I very rarely adjust my zoom intentionally. If I ever need to adjust it, I would just press the button to unlock it temporarily before locking it again.

Finally, when scrolling through the emojis list and friendlist, the game also zooms in and out with the mouse. This should also be fixed.
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A trackball!!

I'm guessing that this means that you always play while on a laptop?

Thinking of this, I'm a bit surprised that I don't recall anyone else asking for a custom zoom setting. Perhaps the laptops using trackballs are in serious danger of extinction??
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