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A Possible Solution to Virus Farming (Agf)
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE instant viruses. This mechanic by itself makes Agf and FastSplit VirusFarm my 2 favorite servers. However, I believe that the virus farming on Agf is much more powerful than on FastSplit VirusFarm and way too powerful for any server. Part of this is due to the fact that Agf has a max split of 64 while on FastSplit VirusFarm it is only 16. Because of this, it is common for a player to accidentally eat all of their viruses while farming on FastSplit VirusFarm while on Agf it is much easier to farm a virtually endless supply of viruses.

Anyway, the virus farming on Agf is extremely overpowered. Due to the small population on the server, one can easily get 30k in less than a minute to get to first place. Unlike on FastSplit VirusFarm where players farm viruses in front of them to eat when they are ready to, players on Agf farm viruses in the center of their mass, resulting in a continuous gain in mass (although this is possible on FastSplit VirusFarm, it is more difficult and not nearly as drastic). Because of this, virus farmers can be very difficult for other players to stop.

I do not think that not allowing players over a certain size to gain mass from viruses would be a good solution. Something like this is too simple and may have result in unwanted consequences (e.g. mass vanishing during battles). I also do not think getting rid of autofeed would be a good solution, as many players in the past created their own scripts for it (plus, I like autofeed Big Grin). I think what Agf needs is an algorithm to detect virus farming and stop it when it happens. This may be difficult as no AI is perfect, but if we collect a enough data on virus farmers (e.g. number of viruses created per second, number of said viruses [not other viruses created by other players] eaten per second, etc.), an algorithm can be created to set a threshold so that if a player exeeds certain limits, they are then unable to gain mass from viruses for a brief period of time. Of course, there are many nuances in the game that should be thought through carefully, and any solution should be carefully test-ran.

P.S. I am no coder, so some things I say may be unclear/inaccurate, so maybe some coders of Agma can help me clarify. lol
Don't ask me how I'm doing; I don't know either.
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What we need is the old AGF virus mechanics... That'll fix all this mess
(04-18-2020, 11:31 AM)Apix Wrote: What we need is the old AGF virus mechanics... That'll fix all this mess

I played on the old server, but I was not there when it are the mechanics different now?
Don't ask me how I'm doing; I don't know either.
You weren't able to virus farm lol. They'd just pop you instead
I believe so... I just remember that you weren't able to virus farm, you just lost the mass instead of gaining it

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