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My story-⚡??????⚡
Hello a little over a year I started playing
And I'm going to play in the simple masseur of the word

Initially you played only in FFA mode because I did not know other mods
I liked to watch the old Beativars of
In PUMBA and Jumbo and Crystal and Bubell baz and then also Kolibri
I thought they were just crazy. I did not really understand how they were doing it, but I was just hypnotized by it and saw the red circle that produced small pieces of it.
I learned slowly to play and then I also knew the methods to do a team with a click on W and how to entice small players from me to get close and split up on them. Of course all the friendships were temporary because I changed servers all the time because I was used to entering servers with as few players slowly I also knew the other EXPERMINAL model That's how I adopted a normal name Dragon and Smiley that I would change from time to time
I have always seen the players with KRAKEN or SPY skins in great awe
Even actors whose name is not simple but cool letters like they are pro
And I always wanted to be one of them with such a skin and a cool name
Then I started to save DNA and it never really is me to use them except sometimes when I saw a cool skin that I wanted to buy
I decided to be those cool players with SPY skin and cool name
I started to look for a lot on the Internet how to write such names after a long time I found and built 3 names really beautiful in my opinion I decided to keep them good and then once I bought the skin SPY I put this name with me and I was just happy I looked good with a great name one of the days I loved to play them and even thought I am a pro and everyone will dare to come near me because wai wai what will happen to them ...
After a long time I realized I was not God and played without so many expectations
Until then she has never been a good TEAM but only a temporary one who may have held a day or until he met a friend from his mafia
After a while I played on a server that is relatively not always a lot of cravings where maybe 40 connected
I played and she fought between two relatively big players. One of them offered me a TEAM and I agreed at the end. I do not remember how it ended but I knew another one who was with him on TEAM. We played together. We ate. Then I saw him and he ate me the way it makes sense. This piece of bakeries and temporary TEAM and all that
I thought that all the TEAM readers on this map are two friends who call each other and play together and of course they will not betray each other.
I continued to play on another server of China and I meet the one who cheated on me I betrayed him of course I was eaten and then again I meet him He could eat me but he did not TEAM with me and did not betray me and introduced me to the little mafia boss we were
And if he did not have time to get to know everyone, his mafia friends did it in the next few days
I kept playing the RPG and at certain hours I improved a bit
And then one day during the summer vacation I played in the morning and saw something fighting with something one of them offered me TEAM I was not so naive I knew that if I help him and he wins and then he will eat me and will continue to play with his TEAM So I turned around and saw that none of them have TEAM And I helped him. We continued playing for half an hour while we ate. We both met and continued the TEAM. The next day I met him. We continued the TEAM and we were great 3 days later he introduced me to his mafia.
And what to say I was from Abbott, it was a much more powerful Mafia than Australia
And we controlled a lot
To this day I think I'm lucky for these 2 TEAM I made and think that if he meets his friend he is cheating on me and then I would lose this mafia but it did not happen and he learned to trust me and that's why I have two bakeries
And the first mafia about the guy being nice and decided even though we both betrayed the two of us to give me training and get me into the mafia
Now, for the week that I have been playing for a year, I am at level 62
I could have a lot more problem with the problem of having a frequent Internet problem and therefore difficult to control
But I think that in the year to learn to play alone even know to do
 POP SPLIT and some good exercises without help just from videos it's beautiful
Most of my bakeries know that they are at the level of 75+ and many of them are at level 100
And I hide the skin of Level 60 because I know they will expect more of me
Especially when I entered very strong bakeries at level 40+
What do you say, how did I progress? It's beautiful? I think I'll even reach level 100 by next year
So when Wifi is not stuck in me (I must note that it is not always stuck but mostly it does not work some of these so I'm alone at home)
And I think I kind of think of myself as not pro-YouTube but I'm worth something
Oh and another thing I forgot to tell I even got to the point that I did TEAM with the BUBEL BAZ!

How is my story relative?
Thank you very much and I will be happy to respond

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