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Why isn't the site secure? And other questions
Does it look at our names and passwords? It could probably look at our names. Google says: " The connection with the site is not secure." So there must be something. And why.

Is [email protected] a real email? Shown here[url=][/url] there is an e-mail called [email protected], I should try contact it and see if it really works. The name just looks weird. But that is just my opinion. Why does promote bots. So you need to pay to have fun? Not always paying though. With the fake currency in the game you could also buy bots temporarily. But to get those "coins" you need to collect them while playing. So basically. You collect coins or you buy bots, it will cause lag. And also negativity because people lag(At least me) when there are bots. I recommend not to promote bots. But only with paying so the developers(or co workers whatever) even get more money. They put ads and then you also pay for gold. There should be a feature at gold that there are no ads. Like who cares about the ads. My curiosity is about the secureness of the site. I want privacy!
Tbh. I wonder if someone replies.
Good questions for @Sora
Have any questions? Feel free to send me a private message! 

Please remember, I’m only a forums moderator. Not in Agma!  Heart
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Hi Smarty,

Thanks for posting and asking.

The reason why your browser states "The connection with this site is not secure" in is because the URL is http:// and not https://. The difference between http:// and https:// is that one transmits encrypted data across the browser and to the network, while the other transmits it normally. A lot of sites use normal http://, it's very common. It's primarily required in sites where you have to pay or submit sensitive data, because that needs extra protection and security. Worry not, http is still secure, but it's just that if someone else is connected to your wifi, or the same router/network you are locally connected to, they may be able to pick up on your data submitted through an unencrypted http site.
The important thing to mention here, is that agma anyways does encrypt your password when you transmit it from your browser and to server, we do that on the client, using JavaScript. So there's not much to worry about.
We also encrypt sensitive data with a cryptographic algorithm when it's stored, so it's stored securely and can't be seen by anyone.
If your agma account ever gets for some reason accessed by someone else, we can reset the pass for you.

[email protected] is the contact e-mail for agma, it's real. Why should it not be real? It's on the official page:
(I appreciate that you mention this though, because maybe we haven't been able to fully display a professional feeling to things such as the contact e-mail. What made you think it's not real? Maybe the first part of the email "hello" would be better as "support"? So the e-mail would be "[email protected]"? Or did you just think it wasn't a real email because of the way the support page looks/design?) simply promotes minions because it's a part of the game. Lots of people enjoy it, and you can gather coins in game and then spend these coins you've gathered in game to buy minions from the game store. Minions are expensive which ensures that servers aren't flooded with minions. Minions don't usually cause lag, it might do so however if your computer isn't very strong, or is under high CPU performance. Try turning off some settings in the settings panel if you lag.

There's a choice in game to buy gold, or coins, to those who want. It's not about getting money for a $4/mo gold membership, it's about creating a community and an arena to have fun together with friends, and enjoy battles in the game. This forums and the game has been gradually developed since 2015 (3 years ago) and during 2 years, servers, work, everything was done completely for free, while servers to host it all and work were paid for. As the game progressed, people wanted more features in the game, even paid stuff like Gold Membership. Don't you think that's a nice feature? Or would you prefer it be free?
If gold membership was free for all, then the question would be: What would be special about it then? 

I think ads are fine, as long as they're not intrusive. We have deliberately not implemented video ads, unlike many other io games which have forced ads when you play the game. So we actually skip "extra" ads money for allowing people to have a better and more comfortable feel in the game. Besides, you're going to see them all over the web, so it's not really avoidable unless you use ad-blocking software. Most people don't like ads, I personally agree. But they help to pay server costs, ddos protection, software services, and a number of other things. The game is there for fun, and that's what our goal is, and has always been.
Have any questions? Send me a message here:
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(04-14-2018, 09:39 PM)Sora Wrote: The reason why your browser states "The connection with this site is not secure" in is because the URL is http:// and not https://. The difference between http:// and https:// is that one transmits encrypted data across the browser and to the network, while the other transmits it normally.

An excellent reply, and absolutely correct!

There has been word that Chrome (Google's browser) would flag all sites as "insecure", if they don't use https. (Tht is coming soon, and likely other browsers will follow.)

There IS a risk with WiFi networks, and many of you will have one of those... if someone is able to hack into your device that provides WiFi, it is possible that they could sniff (dulplocate) your traffic. and then any passwords that are transmitted as cleartext, they would see.

Personally, I prefer wired networks, which are far more reliable. But if I were to set up a WiFi network at my home, I would use a device that does not support an IP-based http configuation page. That is, that in order to configure it, you need to attach a ethernet cable between the device and a computer.

That is the largest single security issue within most homes in the current age.

If you do not have an onsite WiFi network, then using "https" assumes that either your Internet Provider or someone upstream, is trying to monitor your data.

There are providers which believe in your privacy, and do not do such things. However, you will see many stories regarding "Net Neutrality" that discuss governments who are attempting to erode your personal privacy.

To me, it's just another reason that everyone should care about politics, these days.
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