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Clan wars? lol
Hello everyone, it seems like no one has been posting in this channel for a while now, lol. I suppose this is for clan wars and all that? I look forward to seeing some clan wars. (And maybe participating in them myself, but not just yet, lol). I know that clan wars may be difficult due to the fact that there might be many interferences in the game. Does anyone mind telling me how a clan war happens around here? Is it like, first person on the leader board wins, or is it straight out eating each other? At any rate, I wish you all the best of luck if there are any. Good luck!

With regards for luck,
Shisui Uchiha from the Uchiha clan
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Yeah that's pretty nice
Clan wars is basically a fun competition involving 2 or more clans against each other.
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(05-14-2018, 02:59 AM)Owl Wrote: Clan wars is basically a fun competition involving 2 or more clans against each other.

Sniikz used to stream the clanwars and tournaments on his twitch. You probably have heard of ZT clan, Unity clan, Revenant clan, TYT. Most members now play in new clans.

Every week are still clan wars (and tournaments). Check the tournament teamspeak/discord of 2018 August here:
Im not sure using the SA server for many of the Clan Wars maps is a good idea. For many of our players and even those in South America the ping it just too high to play anything but a heavy effectively. Is it just us or is this an issue for everyone?
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