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Poll: Should AGF be expanded to include a teamer and experimental server?
Yes, both a team and experimental server.
Yes, just a team server.
Yes, just an experimental server.
Yes, ditch the FFA and replace it with experimental.
Yes, ditch the FFA and replace it with experimental and make a team server.
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Do you think there should be two/three servers allowing both the experimental mode (my personal Favourite) & the team mode (somewhere to send the teamer noobs).

This would however require more resources on the server, I'm willing to donate what I can, I imagine others are too (I also have some decent sized servers that might be available).
Possibly an upcoming feature within the couple upcoming days. The server(s) requires more people though.
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More people = more lag, perhaps Gandalf has insight on what servers are used?
Cant wait for the AGF Experimental! Big Grin
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It is already up, the "EXP" server is Experimental.

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