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#NEW〖ITZ〗clan open!+Official Thread! :)


Smile #NEW〖ITZ〗clan open! +Official Thread! Smile

~~~Hello Everyone!~~~ 
Welcome to the Official ➫〖ITZ〗➫ Clan Thread!
 We are a new clan that has been in the making for a while, and we are now looking for talented skilled members willing to be active, participate in clan wars, contribute, and meet new people and be a better player! This was clan was created and founded by SUBRATA BISWAS[〖ITZ〗༺ƵᎥᑎЖʳᵉᵏᵗ✦ૐ  ] &  the co-leader of this clan RKM[〖ITZ〗RKM,〖ITZ〗debrup,〖ITZ〗♛ ༺ᑕᑌᗷᗴ鿆༻

]. I felt like it would be cool to have a clan made by me! 

Feel free to post down below if you want to try-out, or we may just add you on the spot because of your well known skill! Discussion of this clan is also allowed. 

And here is the official clan discord! ---> <---

Tongue ~Requirements include~  Tongue

Know how to split run effectively (We will also be learning how to realtime splitrun)
  • Know how to trick split, as well as be familiar with cannon splitting and possibly popsplit/vanishsplit (if ur pro) 
  • Be an active member on the AGF server, as well as on regular as this is NOT just a AGF clan. 
  • Be able to attend training sessions, as we will be hosting some! A private server for us that will be just super simple will be coming out for us

  • .

And be nice, friendly, helpful, and pro! Angel

Again, thank you for reading. please join!!!
Hey i would like to join i know how to tricksplit and canon split messege me nack if you get this
I dont think he will answer,the post was 3Month ago Big Grin
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