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4MOB my new "series" (Soon on Nutflix) where I will upload (sped up) gameplay with music in the background... to defend the worldwide boredom Cry

4MOB = 4 minutes of boredom

1 Video to showcase what this will be:

More on my channel right... NOW!

Feedback is... cool

-- Voakie out (woosh)
[Image: Voakie.png]
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MOB= Money over beer, botox, beerpong, buggys, breath and bottles.
Tired of living.
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Already hyped for the next vids, nice! Blush
            "Experience has taught me that wishful thinking 
                                 only leads to disappointment."
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Yay, I'm in the second video!

Those were MY moves, so I'll let you go to jail for copyright  Wink

"Do you want to fly with a dragon?"

"No, I want to be a dragon flying"
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