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Advanced Psychological Tactics by Fataljoey
Not every tactic is requires talent. There is some ways to exploit your opponents’ psychology to gain trust and get benefits with it. You gain trust or get them ready for your about-to-happen brutal dominance (even if it’s not going to happen). I wouldn’t share these golden tactics if I didn’t retired from this game. I lived every possible moment and I am proud of it. I let you shall live them too!

Help the loser!
So if you see a chase and smaller one is about to get dominated: Find a virus and multiply it to chaser OR multiply yourself to being chasen; chose one and make victim succeed! He would definitively return the favor and help you out. Or as reverse of this you can simply drag a stronger-than-you guy to the a even more big guy. Give him his prey and step aside. After fight ends with success, give the victor a W shot as a remider. He will definitively share the bounty with you.

Find a rival
As people we are tend to continue to achiave obsecures. In sports, trainers finds their student a rival. Constantly makes them appear as “stronger” to each other and this helps to gain greater success desires. So what you’re gonna do is find someone and dominate him. Find him again and dominate him again. He eventually become your rival and feel irresistible desire to get you. MAKE him to get stronger and collect those little masses and bring them to you. Believe me he is gonna try to beat you. As much as you know he will find you, more ready you become to beat him AGAIN.

Gain trust and destroy
This is a brutal game. As much as it seems like “a silly game with stupid dots” it holds a greater story than you imagine. is the game of the strong and brutal players. EVERYBODY in this game is TRYING to KILL. So don’t hold yourself back even the move you gonna do is feels like you’re a heartless pr*ck… Spot a succeeder. Feed him. Constantly help him. Be there for him. Protect him as you’re saying “DON’T MESS WITH THIS ONE”. Make him collect those boring little dots for you and in the right moment, BAM! Get him down. Believe me he is gonna try to get his revenge but you will be ahead of him. Find someone, get trust, and kill him. That’s how you rise.

Act as boring one with hate to lose
So when you’re first in the leaderboard don’t ever multiply. Don’t get near viruses. Just act as you say “I will hold this position FOREVER”. Don’t chase anybody. Whenever they see you as “boring neutral guy” then you attack. Like an alligator wait for their “this guy is harmless” thoughts THEN bite.

Peek-a-boo chase
Multiply yourself into two. Make one of your halves bigger. If you have an idea of how far a player sees on the game ground, you chase him but only show your smaller half. Appear as a hungry little guy just to get a chance. When he spots you attack with your bigger one. He won’t see you as a threat until you show him hidden part of the iceberg. Peek from edges of his screen with your little one and when he attacks, get him down.

Side attack bait
Throw some W’s and make a path with them. Make it look like as “some chase and team action happened here and they deserted the thrown masses behind them.” and WAIT at a parallel position of the path like:
* <— you

Ant when a careless hungry guys started to collect them, you attack grom the side. As soon as you see him take a look to if you can multiply-and-eat him else you chase him like a crazed one.

Be hero of the losers!
Everybody desires to worship someone. As soon as you get into top 10, you help around. Shoot them W, save them from enemies even if they’re small (you know, one might succeed faster than you think) and when you get enaugh sympathy you might get the help you need on the most desperate moment.
Thanks for reading, I hope you use these and succeed!

To be more annoying is better.

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  • fountain
Nice tricks you got there.

Defenitely helpful for many players, no matter what level.
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                                 only leads to disappointment."
Some cool tricks, but I still would never fake team. I never have, and I never will. When people do that to me I get really mad...
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