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  • 5 common tactics by fataljoey
I know that you all figured some tactics to play by yourself or videos online. I wanted to explain my tactics that I use on owning teams or solo opponents. Many of them you supposed to know if you call yourself a decent player of agar game. Most of the tactics of game are situational. You got to know many tactics and seek for the oppurtunity to come.So here is some:

Quick grow leap
So you are following a chase. A big guy chasing a littler-than-him guy and he about to split. You seek for the right moment and you gonna split exact same moment that AFTER he splits. You eat that young tiger and with him you eat his victim too. After you big enaugh you can split to chaser guy’s other half if you feel like to care for it.

Quick grow leap with a teammate
Same as above with your teammate. He goes for big fishes and lures them.

Split then use W to viruses
In a needing of quick act, you can split to be on a right degree from viruses then spam W to virus to multiply it to your opponent. This is came handy with me many times and saved my life/made me win.

Spy lurking
You have to be like a consistent spy. You must wander around between bigger cells splits. Seek for a oppurtunity and eat smallest ones first. Then change your target with your current size. Lurk everywhere. Be stubborn and act like you’re harmless. All I know about this game you should be a fucking prick. You got to act like you ARE NOT GONNA harm them BUT you harm them too much. Seek for BIGGEST guys on the game and tail them. Use their lack of attention to YOU and lurk around his cells. I did got first place on leaderboard with this tactic many times and it’s the most fun about this game. Tactic of the champions.

Splitted virus bait
This is another great tactic that I grateful to know. Split in two and go to a virus. Stay exact spot on virus that you place it between your two cells. Now, if someone split to eat you, he eat your first half, and eat the virus too! So your other half eat the many parts of your opponent and get bigger FAST.

Help out for the LOSER
If you see someone chasing almost as big as him and chaser is ALMOST eat him, you help to the victim. If he survives and eats his chaser, he is GONNA help you at least half of his profit. I got back my favor almost EVERYTIME. You can help out by spam W to near virus (get your position before they arrive the spot) and make the chaser destroyed. This is even more heroic act that no one can leave you without a prize.

Leap through viruses with your split leaper half
Calculate your mass and if you think that if you split you get same size with a virus. If so, you can split through it. Most people won’t see it coming and think that they are protected by virus. But you know the thing that they are NOT (in this cas anyway)

Try not to chase almost same size opponents
You both get to be high value target. If someone big enaugh to eat your opponent then he is big enaugh to eat you too! You two idiots are more delicious than others EVEN if you’re smaller than them. Because eating two guys with one move is better than eating a bit bigger than you two.

Split often
Whenever you see a valuable massed opponent that you can eat with split leap, you split. Do it regularly and evantually you get profit.

Split lure
If you find an enemy that has same mass with your half, split BEFORE engage him. Then get him to between your two cells and hold him there. Neither he gets threathened by this nor he can eat you. So after long enaugh, you are gonna be merge and become one and eat him.

Prefer near walls when waiting to combine again
A bigger opponent’s split leap is a nightmare when you have several splits and wait to combine again. Unless he chasing you on a parallel path, walls protects you (at least a bit of you Big Grin) to being eaten with a single leap. Wall blocks their leap and limits the distance they go.

Don’t let your bigger parts block your smaller parts
You know, bigger you get slower you move. So if you have bigger parts than smalls, don’t let the bigger ones to block your small and fast ones.

The original bait
This is one of the oldest but rare to see tactic. Eat a virus when you big enaugh and go to a fishing with your small and fast parts. Go to a direction to seperate your fast parts with big and smalls. Go enaugh and small opponents won’t see your big parts and chase your small ones. Then you can pull them to your bigger part or just simply split to that direction and eat them with half of your bigger part.

Leap to chaser
If you see a guy smaller than you chasing smaller than him, ALWAYS split leap to chaser first. If you see you eat the original victim first, he gets threathened and run away. To avoid that, split to chaser.

Suicide if not enaugh food around
On the first moment of a game, it’s easier to press f5 key or get eaten by a guy to die is more logical if no food around for you to eat. Until you get your oppurtunities to use some tactics, don’t afraid to die.

Know when to give up
Just chase 2 seconds then decide to give up or keep going. Chasing someone mindlessly is not champions’ way.

Leap to different direction when running away
If a big guy chasing you and you feel like only way to salvation is for you to leap, just leap 90 degree ways from where you running. For example, if you running south, leap to west and east ways. It would surprise your opponent.

I hope this come in handy and you have a better time in this game. I strongly believe that idea of this game is genious. Fun life of a cell BUT it’s extremely simple. But if you play more seriously, you see that it’s not even close the simpleness.

Have fun

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