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My mission to destroy FFA Teams
Ultimate destruction of FFA Teamers (TelyX - Story)
Today when I went onto Agario, I saw that the leaderboard for the server was changing rapidly. So I went into Spectate mode, and saw that at least half of the leaderboard consisted of players who were teamming, in FFA.
These guys really annoy me and I've always wanted to give them a lesson to never forget. So I did as is suggested, spectate and wait for one of the teammates to get eaten by accident or so. It happened within just a few minutes, and I grabbed my chance and found the live teammate and he fed me thinking I was his original teammate. So now I was the bigger mass. The teammate split, and so I split and eat him.
That team was down.
Now, I knew that there was at least one other big team to my East because I went past them on my way here. I was pretty big and could eat them once I was 1 big cell again, but that would take forever and it'd be hard to catch them at my speed. So what I would usually do is give away the mass and start again, this time as a teammate of another team when he dies. But then I had a brilliant idea.
So I started going towards where the other team should be. On the way, I split into 4 blobs and fed one of my blobs, eventually becoming 3 super small blobs and that 1 getting all of my mass to become big again. I found a team after a couple minutes (not sure if it was the same team I saw earlier, but it was still a team), and one of them of small while the other was big. I took note of the small blob, and went in his general direction. By this time I wasn't too much bigger than the big blob in their team, so the small one kept feeding the big one to be able to eat me. I split when I was close, and one half of me got eaten by the big blob. But just before the big one could split to finish me off, I split again and ate the small one. My job was done - I was big enough to eat one of the teammates so that's exactly what I did, instead of waiting around for them to make a mistake. The big one inevitably split and ate all of me - exactly what I wanted.
Now I could respawn as the small teammate, so I quickly changed my name to the small teammate's name, and after a quick look at where the big teammate was in Spectate mode, I started playing. I went straight to the big teammate, and he happily started feeding me, seeing that he was in so many pieces.
And once I was big enough, I split and devoured that bastard.
IT WAS GLORIOUS. I felt like a mastermind right there.
I hope this has inspired you guys to destroy all FFA teams with this idea.
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