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Hello Everyone :)
Hello everyone,
I'm fountain (weird name, huh?), i'm 16 and i play, and maybe some other games.
I'm from Vietnam, so my timezone is different from most of you.
I usually play solo because i don't team well, i'm practicing teaming, splitrunning, i messed up a lot while i was teaming.
But anyway, i like this forum and i hope that i'll able to find lots of nice people here.

I love dogs but i never have a chance to own one  Sad
Oh hey!
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Welcome on AGF, fountain!
I hope you will enjoy your time here as much as I do, and I wish you Good Luck with your practice.
If you've got any further questions, feel free to PM me.
            "Experience has taught me that wishful thinking 
                                 only leads to disappointment."
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Thanks! Big Grin
Oh hey!
Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy the game it self and the forums! Wink
~Konoha/ Blud
I'm gorgeous!

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Welcome to the Forums, enjoy your stay Smile , I hope to see you arround again!

And just a little side note here:
(04-29-2016, 09:39 AM)fountain Wrote: Thanks! Big Grin
Is equal to simply clicking "Like Post". Please use this feature so we can keep the Threads clean Angel
More here:
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Welcome dood Big Grin
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Welcome! I'm sure if you practice a lot you'll get the hang of it! Smile
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