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Meeting People In The Community?
As a new member of the community, I was hoping to meet a lot of people and make some friends. How do you become more well known in the community? I'm not looking for fame necessarily, but just a way to meet new people and play with. 

I know how other gaming communities work, but not really this one. Are there Skype group chats for players? How exactly do people meet people on the forum and/or Skype? Basically I am just looking for some people to play the game with and become friends with. My Skype is "m_374x" if anyone wants to add.

-I apologize if this thread sounds weird, I just wanted to double check as I have little experience in the community-
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Hey! Welcome to the forums @meta

There are a lot of ways to get known, starting by the shoutbox and posting posts/threads!

We've got a teamspeak server at
It lets you speak with others while playing (instead of using skype) and make groups (for example to communicate wihty our clan).
Have any questions? Send me a message here:
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My name is John Kimpel. Nice to meet you all
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