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Poll: Would you be a better moderator than the current moderators?
Yes, I can be better than one/more of the current moderator(s)
No, i don't think I could do better than the current moderator(s)
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Staff Attention
So recently there's been a lot of talks about staff, why certain staff has been chosen, why others have not (so far). So I make this thread so you can comment below your thoughts about why you would be a better staff member than the current staff. YOU CANNOT VOUCH FOR ANYONE ELSE, if you believe you would do good as a staff (better than Gandalf, LKD, Voakie, Mikasa?) then POST BELOW. Let us really see what all the rant is about.
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I hear the LKD guy is pretty cool...
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Who.... Cares?
Staff hunters.
Out of respect, I won't vote. Assuming the other mods will join me in this decision... This might be a fun poll. Lmao
i voted yes

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