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About me.
So, since you are all my family i'll let you in on a few things about me. This took a lot for me to write it but my family should know me Smile.

My real life name is Lewis. I am 16 years of age from the UK. I am gay. People always ask why I act like a lawyer. In life and online. That's because I am an aspiring lawyer. I take pride in everything I do. and Bane Wolfgang represent my two personalities. is the fun side to me. Bane Wolfgang represents the side that comes out when well IDK lmao it just does. I don't really go out so much except for work. But hey, who needs fresh air? lmao jk jk but yeah. I hope you know more about me than you did. Wink

bye guys,
Sometimes you do strange things. But, all in all I am happy to have you here! You've always contributed to the forums, may it be by bringing the rules to everybody again, also the new players, or by the "Introduce yourself" thread you made a few hours back!
It's so awesome that everybody can meet so many different personalities, here, or anywhere else!
(Sorry for being so strange righ now lol)

PS: Why didn't you write this into the ealier mentioned "Introcude yourseld (again)" Threads? Im my oppinion it fits there perfectly Tongue

Again, my appoligy for acting like a (very) little kid in the past weeks. I hope you can forgive me! Blush Heart
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