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it's my 2nd teammode video on my channel, I put alot of effort on it, watch it plz :D
to people at JP: forgive me for advertising :-"

here is the link for the video

so it's me playing team mode on an East Asian server, on the midnight. the servers at that time are usually empty, and I enjoy playing there. I also put some efforts in editing the video, it took me 4 hours to edit the video, plus my movie maker was kinda glitchy.

in the gameplay I was a red guy, fighting the dominant greens. in the middle of the gameplay, I found lots of helpful teammates, they were only small but they were very helpful to me, and I always fed them. I also did some awesome self-feeds ( forgive me again for bragging :-" ) and rekts.

if you have anything to say or comment about the video, post a comment in this thread or in the video, I'll check them when I have time. or you might see me around on JP on Agario events chat  as a cyan coloured guy "larrypult".
hi, I'm Larry, I play I'm good at team mode and splitrunning.

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