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[Story] Taking down a team
I rarely team up with other people, but when I do it's only to take down other teams that are dominating the boards. This may be hypocritical, but whatever.

Anyways, I'm playing a game and in the #3-6 rank (without teaming) and I get cornered and taken down by the #1 and #2 that are obviously teaming. So like so many people on here I changed my name and color to match one of the players (#2) that were teaming and set out to take them down.

I get to about 500 and I notice that one of the players (#1) in the team is completely off the leaderboard, leaving the #2 player that I was trying to mimic. This was obviously a problem because the whole plan was to fool the other player that I was #2.
So I'm around 1,000 and I notice that the #1 player (that I was mimicking) was no longer on the leaderboard. Ha! Although I was sad that I hadn't personally taken them down they were still out of the leaderboards. So I decided to spread out my mass and start over with my typical name.

Then out of nowhere the player in the #1 position (someone I was not targeting) starting shooting a ton of mass at me. I quickly deduced that he was also in cahoots with these other two players so I played along and pretended to help him. What was really funny was that while I was pretending to help him the original #2 player came by and since he was so small I easily consumed him. I had essentially stolen his teammate from him and the teammate had no idea.

So I waited until this teammate gave me most of his mass and I consumed him. It was worth the wait.
The only thing that I didn't enjoy was that every other player in the game had no idea that this had happened. To them it must have seemed that the #2 player rose to the ranks, fell, and then got back up again.

Anyways, this was by far the most successful I've been at taking down a team but like so many others have already stated I'm sure they were soon replaced by another team.Have you experienced something like this before?

[Image: zWlcJN6.png]
Credits to Birdie31 for this story! (

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