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New teaming change showing it's effect
Hello wonderful world of agario fans. So as you may have heard, there were some changes to teaming. This change involves teamers losing more mass at a faster rate, as they give more mass away through the use of 'W'. So I decided to test this out on the FFA servers, at first struggling but then getting to #1. As you may be able to see if you look closely at the teamers in the game, they are losing mass very quickly, which is very visible with the video being sped up.

Now you may notice me donating some mass at points in the video, but I ensured to not give away too much mass to avoid this new team change.

Here is the video below, if you like to subscribe to my channel it would be greatly appreaciated  Smile

Thanks everyone!
Be sure to check out my YouTube channel

Daily videos!
I too posted a video on the new teaming methods, or methods against it, shall we say, what does everyone think of this change?
Interesting! I noticed this yesterday. The power of ZEACH has been unleashed! Beware, teamers, for your anticipation has vanished!
-Saruman," I said, standing away from him, "You shall not pass". Saruman said, "I've got powerups". That's the day I learnt, it was best to play on another server. Much rather guard the secret room. It's very nice, grows the old toby. I like the old toby. Sometimes it even unleashes some magical mushrooms that make my world twice as fast. They call it the 2x speed shroom.
ahaha teamers got teh unholy retribution we were waiting for
(08-23-2015, 11:49 PM)Sora Wrote: It's russian style, entertains the western globe, irritates the southern coast, and kills the forums boring vibe of roalty and elegancy. (Where respectable users must write perfect to apprehend/maintain reputation) Welcome to 2015, where insanity is reality. (And reality is insanity)

I've been fucking teamers over today and laughing all the way. I do love when there masterplans fail
This isn't fair. It would have been like telling Mario Andretti he had to drive a Yugo because he won so much.
i think its funny. helps those of us with trust issues lol

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