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About Me
Hello, I Should be known as թ๏гรςђค here and during Gameplay.

I have been playing since June, 2015 and I progressively got better since then. I Live in the United States (GMT -6:00) and I am soon going to be turning 16 Years old. Before you ask, I am currently in a Clan called "ƉƊ". I was in Previous clans, but talking about them is kind of a long of a story. My Highscore in ( FFA is 14K and my all time Highscore (A Party) is 21K. I Usually play FFA, which means I do better there. If you ever like to team with me, just PM Me, tell me your Name and what AGF server you want to play on. If you like to know more about me, just post any question and Ill Reply whenever I can. In Conclusion, I am Glad to be a part of a good community like this, glad I decided to join.
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  • Voakie
Probs a bit to late, bit welcome! Big Grin
[Image: Voakie.png]
Welcome, hope to see you around sometime. Smile
Skype: zs_mkagr
Leader of the Ɲ℞Ǥ clan. 

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