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New Forum Person, Yeah!
Hello there, hope you're having a good day today. I'm new here to forums, but have been playing agma for a year now. Pretty crazy how first came out in 2015, and look what it's become! Anyways, stuff you should know about me is that I lost interest in agma around October last year and got into playing some other games like Terraria and Geometry Dash, but I guess those just didn't have that mystical agma vibe because here I am back again for round two. I enjoy talking with other people, usually virtually because I'm very awkward when it comes to actually physically talking or doing things with someone. I'll be setting up a YouTube channel and Discord, so make sure to stay awake for that. And I guess that's all. Cya.

Note: I had to write this twice because my power just randomly shut off :I Then we found out that an entire tree fell on our line.

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