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anyone wana help me edit
(06-23-2020, 04:12 PM)packchew Wrote: if u are good at editing like with flashy stuff and all that then please reply
my editing is limited to just music and some crappy effects

This would be a good question to ask in the Discord server! There are a number of "Small YouTubers" who have embarked into the whole thing, and are familiar with the challenges you are facing. A few of you sharing ideas, I think would likely make all of you better at it!

You may also be able to befriend one of the more experienced YouTubers, and they might have even better suggestions!

(They could choose to share such things here as well, so no harm in asking, but more of the Small YouTubers use Discord regularly, and they try to get more people to watch their stuff there.... so you may find it easier to get help there.)
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