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Bringing the forum closer together.
Hey Guys,

So we know all of our introductions get buried in the dust. A lot of us know each other. However, I want to bring you closer together.
Let's reintroduce ourselves. If you find something in common with someone then like their reply and sent them a buddy request Smile

I'll start

I'm Bane Wolfgang,

I am a crazy fun and nice wolf bunny. I like to walk, explore nature and eat food :p 

I like to post, be creative and also make projects. My goal in this forum is to redeem myself and to prove i'm not such a strict bunny after all :Smile

And hey, feel free to spam until your keyboard breaks :Smile

Much Love,
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Bringing the forum closer together. - Bane Wolfgang - 04-22-2016, 03:55 PM

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