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✞(nameishere)✞ clan in biome3d
I am the leader of this clan.
I can be relied on to play at 11:19 GMT +5:00 on weekdays except for wens-day
My usernames are:
✞Perussi✞ -lava skin-
✞JesusLovesYou✞ -no skin- Main username, officially the leader.
✞Trollord✞ -rainbow skin-

You can team with me if you do the wiggle or spin.
We will go back and fourth a bit then i will give full trust after a little teamwork.
DO NOT split towards me to get an opponent until full trust has been established.

I love teaming.

My email is [email protected]
-5:00 GMT sorry
(02-05-2016, 03:13 PM)✞Perussi✞ Wrote: -5:00 GMT sorry

And it is 12:19.

See you there. c|:{o>
& you will only encounter me in the server us4

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