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    Thread: SORA HELP ME

(04-27-2021, 12:49 PM)Stolen_Username Wrote: I want to reset my password for my account, but the email I registered isn't active anymore and I can't get into it. Is there a way to change my ...
Sora Announcements 14 475 05-01-2021, 12:57 AM
    Thread: April Fools 2020 (WITH REACTIONS)
Post: RE: April Fools 2020 (WITH REACTIONS)

(04-04-2020, 11:49 PM)xRENDEx Wrote: Those reactions :D it was surely a good April Fools this year ngl Want the fidget spinner skin back?
Sora Announcements 9 1,657 04-30-2021, 07:56 PM
    Thread: Hidden Teaming
Post: RE: Hidden Teaming

New server with teaming allowed is planned for release soon
Sora AgarioForums Private Server - AGF 37 1,640 04-30-2021, 07:55 PM
    Thread: Sado skin gone :'( ?
Post: RE: Sado skin gone :'( ?

Sorry for that! If you still have it, you can submit it as a custom skin. Certain skins and youtuber skins are not always going to be in free-subscribe the section.
Sora General Discussion 2 289 04-14-2021, 04:29 PM
    Thread: My New Stance on
Post: RE: My New Stance on

I'll see what I can do regarding an extra server (in addition to solo agf). The food effect you describe can be achieved - food that grows over time. Example: At spawn: Food mass = 1 30 secs later :...
Sora AgarioForums Private Server - AGF 25 1,997 03-24-2021, 12:35 AM
    Thread: The /claim command glitched
Post: RE: The /claim command glitched

I sent you a private message! :)
Sora General Discussion 5 599 03-11-2021, 04:19 AM
    Thread: Moderator Old Very Vulgar And Rude Behavior
Post: RE: Moderator Old Very Vulgar And Rude Behavior

The first thing to note: players should respect others, the rules, and moderators. I have seen messages from people to old which were indeed disrespectful. But old should not cuss or speak inappropria...
Sora General Discussion 11 1,173 03-07-2021, 08:12 PM
    Thread: literally cant reset password, asked for help, nothing works
Post: RE: literally cant reset password, asked for help,...

Sent you A PM
Sora General Discussion 1 427 03-05-2021, 10:23 PM
    Thread: FWI Initiative - March 2021 | by Sora
Post: FWI Initiative - March 2021 | by Sora

Hi, thank you for checking this thread. What does FWI mean, as written in the thread title? I will explain in a moment. brought up an important point to me. The importance of being friendly and kind...
Sora General Discussion 17 2,242 03-02-2021, 05:33 AM
    Thread: Hello
Post: RE: Hello

Welcome to the forums! :D What made you decide to join now, and create an account?
Sora Introductions 3 409 02-05-2021, 09:25 AM
    Thread: Special Message to all!
Post: RE: Special Message to all!

(01-28-2021, 05:26 AM)nachochesse Wrote: Hey folks and good evening to you! Today at this time, something just didn't feel right for me currently for some strange reason, I decided to create a poll ...
Sora Questions & Answers 6 654 01-29-2021, 04:42 AM
    Thread: reputation
Post: RE: reputation

I gave you a rep!
Sora Questions & Answers 3 712 11-15-2020, 08:14 PM
    Thread: I Think it's Time to Stop Certain Scripts/ patch them
Post: RE: I Think it's Time to Stop Certain Scripts/ pat...

It will be patched. Thanks for mentioning!
Sora Agario Mods Discussion 10 1,496 11-15-2020, 08:13 PM

Thanks, it has been fixed!
Sora Announcements 2 532 11-02-2020, 08:30 PM
    Thread: Different io game senpa
Post: RE: Different io game senpa

It's cool, mobile version works well
Sora Agario Private Servers 2 1,728 10-14-2020, 04:16 PM
    Thread: Spanish?
Post: RE: Spanish?

(09-02-2020, 08:58 AM)Squirrel Wrote: (09-02-2020, 02:10 AM)Sarcrack Wrote: The international forums are some empty so i'll just make a question, someone speaks spanish or wants to learn There ar...
Sora International 22 3,550 09-25-2020, 05:51 PM
    Thread: Skip Home Screen
Post: RE: Skip Home Screen

(09-20-2020, 04:02 AM)DoctorFinkle Wrote: It gets really annoying dying the second I spawn and having to go back to the home screen, just for the same thing to happen 5 more times in a row. Maybe wh...
Sora Ideas 8 1,027 09-22-2020, 06:16 PM
    Thread: why fourms ...
Post: RE: why fourms ...

Thought it was forum spammers that would cause the MyBB forum software to crash at first, but then found out the crash with the database error actually happens because of DDoS attacks. It has happened...
Sora Random talks 15 1,842 09-03-2020, 03:02 PM
    Thread: game sound effects setting
Post: RE: game sound effects setting

Coming soon!
Sora Ideas 14 1,834 08-28-2020, 02:06 PM
    Thread: Complaining about the new update.
Post: RE: Complaining about the new update.

(08-26-2020, 03:16 PM)Sarcrack Wrote: (08-21-2020, 01:00 PM)IamJaki Wrote: After the new update was released, servers like Giga 2 (no powers) were replaced by servers that allowed powerups to be u...
Sora General Discussion 7 1,286 08-26-2020, 04:06 PM