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Inviting Clan people! (ᄽŦƤᄿ)
Wello! My name is ᄽŦƤᄿ丅ᗴᗩᗰᑭᖇᗝ♛ and I am starting a clan for everyone! This is a clan just for fun but... if I see one of you that have joined, I might add you to my other clan (Same thing just for elite members). I am looking for 10 - 20 ages, MODS, ADMINS, and PLAYERS.

This clan is for I play Split Pro USA but this is for he whole thing. I am a very private person so I don't post much. But I hope that this clan could get at least 500 members. So if you play and you would like to join a clan (ᄽŦƤᄿ) and you have a discord, Join here:

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