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Return of Doge clan!
A few weeks ago Sky doge the leader of Doge said that doge has ended. The new clan has risen today. It is SOL Sons Of Liberty! We are not recruiting yet and will not maybe for a week or so. The tag wasnt given to me yet but you may have seen sky with it in pro mode. SOL is new with no members unless anyone from the old clan messages us about it. Joining isnt open yet. We are still preparing and getting a lot of things ready. If you are thinking you want to join right now you must stay up to date with the SOL clan on youtube run by me. Videos such as taking over agf servers, agf mass records, teaming and new clan news is all on the youtube channel. So stay up to date for extra info! and watch extra news and other games like minecraft, pixelgun and gta on my main channel.     And check out Sky's channel for Loads of and agf!

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