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(12-15-2016, 03:34 PM)Lucyfer Wrote: @:O - Norge
Anti-teaming is acceptable, and actually needed, because it prevents small teams from growing big aggressively eating everyone on their way. I remember how bad it escalated just before they introduced this anti-team mechanism.
But it isn't flawless, you are right. I think it should be completely disabled for feeding yourself (you lose mass using selffeeding anyway) after you hit some viruses. This is nasty, and makes you shrink in a while as a punishment for becaming a leader after a good fight...
But moneyclip doesn't care about PC version of Agario, so it won't be fixed in the nearest future, if ever.
However, expect more skins. Wink

I agree that anti teaming is indeed needed, but the way it works right now we could do just as well without it. Just too many flaws. I do not expect it to be fixed, however, it feels good to rant about it.
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