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Sora and activity in agma
Hello, my friend Meda asked me to make an agarioforums account so I am sorry if this is not the place for such a question, although here it is. He asked me to put "Sora can you get on Jebac321 needs ya [smiling face]" and I figured that I will ask this question, what if when Sora plans to be away from game for a week or so, he can leave an announcement at the start of the chat? Such as how "Today's thing: make friends with mobile players" or whatever is a thing, he can just announce when he is taking some time away from the game and will not be around to answer questions. I think this will help anyone who frequently talks to Sora while he is online in Agma. Thank you! 
Hey, I am "Ry" in Agma and its discord server, just posting a few things on agarioforums so if you need me add ryans#1329 : )
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Sora is back tho.
If he doesn’t reply to DMs then that’s intentional.
(Edit by Sora - this is false. I am busy and cannot always answer everyone.)
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(12-22-2021, 11:05 PM)Redfox Wrote: Sora is back tho.
If he doesn’t reply to DMs that that’s intentional.
Stop telling RedFox that Sora doesn't respond to DM to some people.  It's just that he has a lot of news and the fact that you get lost in hundreds of messages is not his fault.

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Everyone had some busy days in their life, especially Sora I believe (as far as I know him).
Can't really blame him for rather taking care of other, most likely more important things.
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The thing is Sora never leaves (most of the time), I learned along time ago Sora is most of the time always here and doing alot more than most of you guys can imagine behind the scenes, he just doesn't respond for many reasons, one of the common ones are that when he is online and doesnt respond to the literally 100's of messages he gets as soon as he comes online. He gets crap from people because he doesn't answer everyone in an instant.
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