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some more stuff about bfdi
So,i recently posted this thread called ''bfdi'',and i thought i should talk more about it.
Battle For Dream Island(BFDI for short)is a contest where around 20 contestants battle for an island called Dream Island.


There are 2 teams.(Team members may also be some that i haven't talked about before,like Woody)
The Squishy Cherries,Pin's team consists of:Barf Bag,Golf Ball,Tennis Ball,Spongy(me),Snowball,Firey and the entire alliance consisting of Pencil,Match,Bubble,Ruby,Book and Ice Cube,plus Pin,the leader of the team.
The Squashy Grapes,Leafy's Team consists of:Coiny,Rocky,Woody,Teardrop,Pen,Eraser and Blocky,plus Leafy,the leader of the team.

There are 4 official hosts for all BFDI seasons.
Announcer:the official host for the first season of BFDI.He is a speaker box that talks like a text-to-speech robot.
Firey Speaker Box:Firey's version of the Announcer.Main host of the 2nd season.It's pretty biased on it's owner.
Four:the official host of the 3rd season.Has a screech that acts like a subsonic wave.When he eliminates someone,he puts the eliminated contestant into the EXIT.
X:co-host for the 3rd season.Pretty funky and Four's best friend.

There are 3 official seasons for BFDI.
Battle For Dream Island,BFDI:first season
Battle For Dream Island Again,BFDIA:2nd season
Battle For BFDI,BFB:3rd season

Unofficial seasons:
IDFB,dnalsI mraeD roF elttaB(backwards version of BFDI,instead of challenges,it's how all contestants,including me,live in Yoyleland)
BFDI:The Power Of Two,TPOT
im nice,always here to help! Angel
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So this is like a game? Smile
It's not a game,it's more of a show(yes im a part of a show)of course,recorded on yt,not on television tho.

On it,look for me,im fat,yellow,have a low pitch voice,and no arms.
im nice,always here to help! Angel
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