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Hi,im Spongy,im new here and i dont play much agma,but i like the game.
I dont have arms,so im using my feet to type and stuff,sorry if i mispell stuff.
I want some friends on here,and im nice to anyone!
People dont really like me,they say im annoying,but i am actually really friendly and would help anyone in need!
im nice,always here to help! Angel
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Well, welcome to the forums! Smile

Is there no way to use your eyes to move the mouse? Because I think that might work quite well with Agma Big Grin
Bec Agma does not require much input... Moving the mouse, and well splitting and ejecting mass.
im using my feet for both mouse and keyboard

also my profile pic is actually an image of me,again,no arms

am im actually that fat,dont think of it being bad,even if a lot of people hate me because of my fatness.
im nice,always here to help! Angel
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